Wednesday, January 25, 2012

some awesome things.

last post, I forgot to post my awesome thing of the day.  so I figured to make up for that I would post a few today...

*using mason jars instead of tupperware- finally something that doesn't leak!! extra points for glass being incredibly more awesome than plastic.

*amazing cinnamon buns from the old town bakery in ladysmith that my fellow biology colleague so nicely brought to school for me.  saves me a trip to ladysmith, provides me with delicious baked goods, AND I can check that off my 12 in 2012 list! triple awesome-ness!

*doing an owl survey for a conservation project for one of my classes- AWESOME.  lets hope we see one.. or hear one at least. (this reminds me of another really awesome thing- one early morning run last fall we totally saw an owl on an electrical wire just hanging out.  that was so fab)

*a successfully completed ride to and from school with no accidents.. that seemed like a blessing in comparison to the series of unfortunate events on monday.  awesome.

*energy bites.  brooke gave me the great idea over on her blog so I made them this week for snacks. I have been on the lookout for healthy, protein-packed snacks and these do the trick.  awesome.

*this photo- enough said. gotta love pinterest.

awesome, awesome, awesome.  happy wednesday!

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  1. these two are the cutest guys everrrr. (w/ the exception of d, but that's clearly implied).

    xo carissa