Tuesday, January 17, 2012

an episode of things I'm grateful for..

*a ride to school when it's snowing.  although I have missed my bike this week.
*my wonderful yoga teachers.
*warm slippers on these chilly days
*my education.  some days I am SO grateful that I have been filled with such a plethora of knowledge that helps me make smart decisions about my actions.
*BLOGS. seriously... every morning I can drag myself out of bed knowing that I will have some inspiring posts to read while I eat my oatmeal.
*how my teachers at school really look out for their students and want the best for them.  recently, I have approached a few of my teachers about summer job opportunities and they have been more than helpful.
*a clean kitchen.
*the opportunity to voice my opinion.
*tortilla soup... and banana oat muffins.

love all the colourful veggies.

mmm delicious.  I love me some jalapenos, lime, and avocado.

mmm muffins.

banana oat muffins with streusel topping.

happy tuesday friends! hope everyone is having a great week.  mine has been off to a very busy start but monday and tuesday yoga have helped me through.

todays awesome thing: a cat nap in savasana.  after a 90 minute yoga class tonight I took full advantage of savasana and dozed off... I think.  either way I felt rested and ready to tackle the rest of my to-do list :)


  1. Looks like yummy eats - I'm going to try that soup!Mxxoo