Tuesday, March 8, 2011

yin my worries away..

I tried something new this week.. yin yoga!
of all the yoga classes I have done of different variations I have yet to try yin- and it was a pleasant surprise! in general, I tend to enjoy a more intense, flow or power yoga class but yin is slowed WAY down and you hold the poses for a long period of time. the goal is to get into the deep connective tissue and it was fantastic! we only did about 12 poses the entire class. also, it was a totally new studio that I tried which has free classes all week! bonus! I swear yoga is ten times better when it is free :)
I went to the class with one of my lovely friends courtney and we are headed to another class together tonight :)

then thursday- vinyasa flow in the hot room! should be sweaty. can't wait

this is my favourite yin pose: butterfly. I could stay here for hours.

happy humpday!

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  1. this is so weird! i just tried yin yoga last night for the first time too! i posted my favorite position as well, weird!?