Thursday, March 3, 2011


I love this book!! each entry of "awesome-ness" puts a smile on my face. my mom received it from one of her close friends for christmas and we swap books on a regular basis so I took this one with me to the westcoast.

here are a few of my favourite awesome things from this book:

*bakery air- ummm hello? who doesn't love the smell of fresh baking.
*taking off your shoes on a long car ride- well, in my case long or short car ride! also, in class and when I spend hours studying in the library
*snow falling on christmas eve- perfect!
*waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you have lots of time left to sleep- enough said, sleep is good!

check out the authors website which is where it all started: 1000awesomethings

the book of (even more) awesome comes out on april 28th of this year. looking forward to this one! but the website gives a great variety of awesome things that I quite enjoy.


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  1. Im currently reading The Book of Awesome. I didnt realize there was a new one coming out! Good post lady!!!