Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm working away on my to-do list for the week slowly but surely..

*yesterday I found a wonderful farm about 5 minutes from my house where I can buy farm fresh eggs. they range between $3-4 which is reasonable in my opinion :) they have a little stand in front of their house where the eggs are held and a little box to deposit the money. what a lovely system. simplicity at its finest!

*I hit up two yoga classes yesterday which was fantastic. a core class at lunch and then a yin and yang class in the evening. this morning I did a rise and shine vinyasa class in the hot room with the worlds greatest teacher. my favourite pose of the week: square pose

*I also cleaned out my closet and have been working away on my book.

so far, so good! now for the not so fun stuff.. homework :(

hope everyone has a lovely day!

[I miss summer]


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