Wednesday, March 2, 2011

fashion victims.

a few months ago, a very fashionable friend of mine and i were shopping in downtown van.  she (who won't be named) is shall we say obsessed with animal furs.  she owns a lot of pieces made from rabbits and raccoons and on this particular occasion was actually on the hunt for a real fur coat.  while i tried to convince her otherwise, the only thing i could say in my defense was "what about the poor little rabbit who had to die for you to wear him?"  well, it turn's out that poor little rabbit went through hell of a lot more then just dying.  literally that animal went through hell.

tim gunn, from project runway, recently teamed up with PETA for a project called: making it work: with tim gunn--an attempt to stop designers from using fur in fashion.  his goal is to get every designer to consider the alternatives to using fur in their collections.  his plan is to expose fur farms, particularly ones in china, where the majority of our fur comes from.

this extremely graphic video shows fur farms and even clips of the process of skinning an animal which is usually done alive.  i am warning you-- it is terrible and if you have any kind of love towards animals, it will be hard to watch without shedding a tear.  with that being said though, i urge everyone to watch it to completely understand how serious and terrible this is, show it to others and stop the support of fur in fashion.

making it work: with tim gun

like tim says, there are so many things to wear, why fur?  if consumers refuse to buy fur, leather and wool clothing companies will stop using it.  simple as that.


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