Thursday, March 10, 2011


so I spent the day at home because my university went on strike today.. sounds lovely being that this means a "day off" but really not so lovely because I don't want this silly thing to last and the semester have to be extended. hope everyone comes to their senses and we are back next week. my teachers expect us to just keep up with the work load as if we were in class so needless to say I did spend time doing homework.

but I also...

* had tea, muffins, fruit and a gossip session this morning with the girls at my place.
* had a cinnamon raisin bagel-thin with peanut butter(bagel-thins are probably my new favourite thing)

* had a visit with my parents
* and! finished my book. yes, yes I am a slow reader during the school year because I spend the majority of my time reading textbooks and notes. room by emma donoghue was great! and my new book: the sea captain's wife.

all in all, a good day.

off to yoga.

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