Monday, December 12, 2011


friday night we went out with our friends to look at christmas lights around town.  after grabbing a starbucks drink and treat we set out to see some of the amazingly decorated houses.  it was a blast! definitely gets you in the spirit- now, we just need some snow!

I was also super productive on the diy projects I needed to work on for christmas gifts.  things are definitely starting to come together! can't wait to share some of my ideas with you.. but that will have to wait!!

after setting up the christmas tree late last week while sippin' hot chocolate, I have made a solid effort to plug in the lights and enjoy it while I hang out at home.  especially in the evenings, it makes it so cozy in our little living room.  I love it! I can't wait for all the christmas festivities coming up.. holiday movie night/cookie & gift exchange/ugly sweater party and all the family gatherings.  great company and great food! my two favourite things.

I spent saturday night babysitting abby, which was entertaining as per usual. the things that come out of that childs mouth are hysterical- I think she might be a comedian.  we coloured dora, played petshops and watched the wiggles.. you know all the things I normally do on saturday nights :)

I also made these muffins and ate red pepper jelly and cream cheese on crackers for dinner <--my current addiction

yay for the holiday season!! 

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