Wednesday, December 28, 2011

christmas gifting.

after buying all my crafting supplies these are some of the things I put together as gifts this holiday season..

homemade coasters.  I found a few tutorials on pinterest and kind of made up my own convenient way of doing it and they turned out great.  you need tiles(from home depot), scrapbook paper, sticky felt(michaels), mod podge and clear spray paint. 

I also made this cookies n cream peanut butter using this recipe then adding crushed up oreos to the mix. yum!!

finally, for the stockings I made this homemade granola- simple and cute idea and there are tons of granola recipes out there to try.

I also made this little gift for derek... I used a deck of cards, hole punch, scrapbook paper and binder rings to put this little gem together.  I wrote out one thing on each card that I loved about him.  he loved this little gift and I really enjoyed making it.

also, since derek and I set a limit for gifts and we didn't do stockings I decided to get a few little gifts and wrap them each separately.  each one had a time written on it.  for example, 9.25, 10.25 etc.  on the 25th minute of each hour he got a little stocking stuffer type gift.  this idea was also a success- D enjoyed having something to open each hour until late afternoon.

other highlights from christmas included talking to my brother who I miss like crazy, an afternoon walk with D and some lazying around.  it was nice to not have to rush the entire day- much more relaxing.  such a fantastic christmas.

hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.

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  1. Love your ideas and the thoughtfulness that went into them. You are such a sweetie! L xo