Tuesday, December 6, 2011


the definite highlight of my weekend was the 5k santa shuffle that I ran with the girls.  our team C-BAM (minus the C- we missed you court) rocked it out and had a great time.  now onto the times colonist 10k in april.  we ran the whole race together and stopped to walk only for a couple minutes.  definitely a success. this morning anthem and I had a nice 4k run bright and early.

other highlights of the weekend included:
*nice visit with the best parents ever.
*delicious crockpot soup.  I love coming home to a nice warm meal after a day at work.
*thai dinner with friends. D and I both decided to try something new and were not disappointed in the slightest.  I had a thai red curry with tofu and it was to die for.  the best part was totally the sweet sticky rice and thai custard for dessert.
*visitors at work- sunday morning D brought me a starbucks to work and then my mom came by to do some shopping.  makes for a great day :)
* this "milkshake" sooooo yummy.  that lasted all of about 30 seconds. my new favourite smoothie for sure.

so far this week has been enjoyable and productive. I enjoyed two lovely coffee dates yesterday, made some progress in the christmas gift department and also in the studying department.  planning on spending the day in the library tomorrow before a candlelight flow yoga class.

now off to pull out the christmas decorations and drink a little hot chocolate!
have a good night friends.

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  1. good job on the run, i am so proud of you :)

    if we lived a tadddd bit closer, you def would have had a 3rd visitor at work :)