Sunday, December 4, 2011

thinking about...

*christmas in nyc.  totally adding that to my bucket list.  summer was beautiful but I think winter would be totally amazing.
*how when derek leaves the house and I'm puttering I leave the hockey on even though all i do is complain about hockey always being on
*I should probably be studying
*how organized I am with christmas shopping this year.  I have got a solid start on the wrapping too.
*my dad. always thinking about my dad.
*I should pull out the christmas decorations from storage. yah, gotta do that.
*how I would like to attempt a gluten free diet for a month.
*the times colonist 10k in april. I hope people have some entertaining signs like these ones
*this song.. kinda an oldie but a goodie.


  1. AHH Christmas in nyc is totally on my list. Maybe cause I just watched Home Alone: Lost in New York City. Am I 5? Probably :)

  2. Always thinking of you 2. Dad