Monday, December 19, 2011

crazy cross fit.

over the weekend, I chatted cross fit with the girls.  brooke has posted a couple awesome cross fit workouts here and today since I didn't have a scheduled yoga class or run I decided to give it a go.  I went out for a 15 minute power walk then came home and did the following workout which I slightly adapted from brooke's cross fit craziness.

warm up:

10 push ups x 3
10 sit ups x3
10 squats x 3

then for 10 minutes did this circuit:

7 tricep dips
7 burpees
7 step ups

I used my ottoman for the dips and step ups- seemed to work out quite fine! in the new year when the school gym is open I will go use that space instead of my living room.  for now though it works perfectly! this seriously got me sweating!! probably the best workout I have ever got in such a short time period.  I could feel the burn everywhere!  thanks brooke!!

if you need a good workout playlist, I used this one while I suffered through all those stupid burpees.  a few songs I didn't really like so I skipped them but for the most part it was awesome for sweating it out.