Sunday, November 6, 2011


bamfield was such a treat.  it was quite a long drive considering we stayed in bamfield for less than 24 hours but well worth it.  the school component went great and it was awesome to see some biology friends from the summer :) we were out on the boat and over on the westside where we ran into a bear and this wheelbarrow full of puppies...

highlight of the trip.

hike to brady's beach. miss this place.

overall, it was a lot of time on the bus but a great trip.  I was exhausted after getting home but squeezed in a run because I was feeling stir crazy after being on the bus FOREVER.

saturday was also lovely...

guy fawkes bonfire.
finally all 8 of us had the chance to get together. we had a great time although it was a chilly one! 

sunday I spent my extra hour in bed, due to the time change, and then was off to coombs and englishman river falls with jess.  

I love sundays.  this evening consisted of making falafels for dinner and lazying around the house.

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