Tuesday, November 8, 2011

here and there.

hey friends-

this week has been a busy one- highlights so far included two awesome 75 minute yoga classes, a morning run, getting an A on an assignment, and starting my new job on thursday :)   this week has also been full of delicious dinners- falafel, tamale pie(an experiment that turned out surprisingly well), homemade and totally delicious halibut tacos<-- these absolutely rocked and came together so easily.  gotta love that leftover halibut from working for fisheries and oceans in the summer :)  thanks brooke for the tips on how to prepare them.  they will definitely be making another appearance for dinner again soon.  success in the kitchen x 2 this week. so far so good.

in other news, I'm totally addicted to pinterest.  wow is that website ever time consuming.  sometimes I reward myself for doing a certain chunk of homework with some time on pinterest :)  I still haven't totally figured it out but I am definitely enjoying it.  I would recommend you check it out!

I will leave you with this...


happy tuesday- yay for a short week!

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