Wednesday, November 23, 2011

things I'm proud of.

*my non procrastination skills
*my viu campus for banning bottled water
*my classmates who are so passionate about implementing sustainable practices.  this generation of biologists and geographers is going to do great things I tell yah.
*how my public speaking has evolved this semester.
*the fact that I have found what I am really passionate about.  and also, I have totally accepted that this may change from year to year, day to day but not to worry.  just do what makes you happy and everything else falls into place.
*my pigeon pose in yoga.  it has come a long way- perhaps because cathy makes us sit in it for at least 3 minutes each practice :)
*stickin' with my vegetarian diet.
*my little quote in the amnesty international newsletter.  that was a good moment- can't wait for yogathon 2012.
*my friends and family.  I could write a whole post on each of my girlfriends, each member of my family and D's family and how they amaze me.  maybe I will do that someday...

take a moment and think of why you are proud of yourself.  and here is a little soundtrack for that activity...


  1. you are absolutely wonderful! xo

  2. You are amazing - feeling crappy and still blogging - good on you Sweetie. M