Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the little things.

this week, so far, has been a bit of a stressful one.  fortunately, I now have 2 major presentations out of the way and am off to bamfield tomorrow for a couple days.  can't wait! that being said, some little things have kept me going through the past few busy days..

*island sunrise.  ignore the crappy quality of this photo because I took it from my phone but I couldn't resist.  such a beautiful sunrise this morning

*these little munchkins on ellen. holy cow- if you can also catch their interview with ellen then be prepared to have a permanent smile plastered on your face.  they are ADORABLE. take 5 minutes out of your day to let these two cuties cheer you up.  i haven't watched ellen in forever and today after spending 2 hours doing field work in the freezing rain, I sat on the couch with my tea and was fortunate enough to catch these girls.

*date nights.  D sent me a text early this week and asked if he could take me out.  needless to say, that cheered me up instantly and has given me something to look forward to all week.

*simple compliments from my peers.  after the first presentation I had on monday, one of my classmates said to me afterward "wow, that was really good. you set the bar pretty high"   a good moment :)

*puppy love. I got to meet our friends new boxer, zoey. after about 15 minutes with her I was so content.  nothing like a little dog time to cheer you up.  seriously. I need a dog.

it is really the little things. yesterday, I had such a fabulous yoga class, which always puts things in perspective and then had a delicious homemade dinner with D.  life is good :)

off to bamfield tomorrow!

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