Friday, February 11, 2011

what a week.

thank goodness it's friday. what a week- so happy it is the weekend. although I will be devoting the majority of my weekend to school work.

on thursday after a rough day at school(too much lab work/studying/presentation prep for my brain to handle) I returned home to check the mail and unwrap a parcel to find this...

then I open it...

and finally...

let's just say my day went from really bad to awesome quite quickly. nothing a little chocolate and candy can't fix. carissa and I have had a valentines tradition for a few years and I always look forward to my valentines treat from her :) she is the best.

tonight after a crazy week I attended a "karma class" at my local moksha yoga studio which is a class with a minimum donation and all the proceeds go to charity. this week I made sure to attend because the charity of choice was the cove guardians from our local area that are going to Taiji, Japan in March to document the dolphin slaughter that occurs there annually. (if you haven't seen the cove- it is a fantastic documentary.) needless to say, I enjoyed supporting the cause and got to see some of my fabulous girlfriends as well.

of course, I had to devote some of my time to the kitchen. this is what resulted:

blueberry yogurt muffins- yum yum! check it out- so easy and delicious.

hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. i'm glad it made your day!!
    you are also thee best,