Friday, February 4, 2011

friday kitchen adventures.

after 3 and a half hours in the kitchen here is what I have to report:

*my first time using a shallot was successful(I know it isn't that exotic but I thought it was worth noting!) I made these meatballs- and they turned out great! I used ground chicken instead of turkey and instead of making the tomato sauce I just used my own pasta sauce with a load of veggies. whipped up some pasta, garlic bread and salad- deeeelicious.

*next, after doing the dinner dishes- I started the brownies. triple layer mint s'more brownies. your mouth watering yet? unfortunately, this resulted in more dishes. oh well. totally worth it!

[beginning of brownie goodness]
[brownies cooling]

*finally- I used up a leftover tortilla from our enchilada dinner to make a little treat. simple- just cut up tortilla, spread some butter, cinnamon and brown sugar on top and bake until golden. enjoy!

wishing everyone a great weekend.

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