Wednesday, February 2, 2011

a new adventure.

recently, I have taken up knitting. this is my very first project(which I have restarted 3 times) it is going to be a pretty pink toque and I can't wait to actually wear it.. hopefully it isn't summer by the time I finish. a friend of mine has started teaching me and the other day we were knitting at our favourite coffee shop and there just happened to be a knitting club in there also. they invited us to join them. so this week we took them up on the offer- I can't believe I'm in a stich and b*tch club. so fun! the women were great and once school slows down I think we will both make a regular effort to get together with them.

some of them were extremely talented. making sweaters or 12 socks at the same time!! but they were happy to have a rookie join their group and were very inviting. knitting gossip is a whole new world!
I can't wait to start on new projects. etsy has loads of fantastic patterns and yarn for knitting. we are going to the
west coast over reading break for d's bday/valentines and there is apparently a great knit shop there and I can't wait to check it out! D is going to pick out some yarn and I am going to knit him an exceptionally awesome scarf.

yayy for new hobbies! (now if only I had more time to pursue this hobby) there is always summer!

happy knitting!


  1. I love it!!! I just started knitting last year, but I only know one pattern..I have a scarf and a few interesting looking dish cloths!!

  2. Thanks Brooke! Well that is more than I have done :) Can't wait to actually finish something! Did your scarf turn out well? See you Saturday!

  3. My scarf wasn't too bad...they are definately works in progress. I want to learn another pattern but knitting jargon confuses me... I am very excited for Saturday :D Cannot wait!!