Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a good day.

February 22:

highlights included: derek's birthday of course! his gift from me was a trip to the westcoast which starts friday- can't wait. we enjoyed a lovely dinner(and leftovers for lunch-yes!) and chocolate cupcakes that I whipped up yesterday(his request)
spin class- maybe the completion of spin class was more of a highlight :) my legs were already sore from a moksha flow yoga class on monday so it was a bit of a challenge. she added in a few of my favourite songs to the spin playlist though so that was a lovely surprise and I swear made it easier to get through.
and also! something I have been really looking forward to.. release of the album 21 by adele. so far I am really enjoying it and I'm sure it will continue to grow on me! favourite songs so far: I'll be waiting, someone like you and rolling in the deep. love love love her.

happy wednesday!

PS. reading break rocks. that is all.

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  1. so I love you for loving Adele! She is fantastic.