Monday, January 17, 2011

things I am loving..

*january edition of real simple magazine.  particularly the recipes and the awesome menu planner/grocery list.  so fab!

*raspberries.  on anything and everything.  my current fave is putting them in my oatmeal in the morning-perfection

*florence and the machine, enough said.

*my kitchen: cooking, baking, dishes, flipping through the millions of recipes I want to try, daydreaming about the red kitchen aid stand mixer that I just can't wait to have in my hot little paws one day. anything and everything.

*this recipe i can't wait to try tonight!  i unfortunately discovered it just shortly before my ecology lecture- needless to say i didn't learn much about the aquatic environment today. all i could think about was these pancakes. cinnamon streusel pancakes.  seriously, can you blame me?

*wicked thai soup.  absolutely amazing.

*the artsy-ness of this mocha.  a simple touch but makes it that much better.

*my mom.  she sent me a thank you card in the mail that I just received(and we live in the same city) she's the best, right? I am so blessed to have such an amazing family.

happy monday!


  1. love love love! florence & the machine are also on my list and a kitchen aid in any color!

  2. agreed! on all of the above (especially the red mixer - holla)! although one of my favourite things is you...but i think you know that already ;) heehee xox

  3. you are too sweet<3 right back at yah! Yes the mixer- aaaah how lovely that would be. something to work towards! I'm savin up!