Saturday, January 15, 2011

jewelry making business: started.

my sister and i have recently really got into making our own jewelry.  we kept on talking about making more of it to sell, but were always putting it off.  today, we decided was the day, so after a slightly stressful 4 hours shopping trip to wholesale craft stores and of course michaels, we had $75 worth of supplies to start our business.  here are some pics of a few pieces we made tonight, earrings and necklaces.  our goal in the next bit is to put together a little catalogue to distribute to friends and friends of friends, as well as maybe set up an etsy account.  here are some previews on a few of our pieces!

*this last necklace is my favorite! it has a hoop half way up one side, that the other strand is threaded through, so it is very adjustable and can be worn a variety of ways and lengths!


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  1. you guys are awesome!! very nice job