Tuesday, January 25, 2011

student life.

what a week. and it's only tuesday.  school is getting progressively busier... and busier... and busier.
I have been struggling to finish a lab report that I think I have now finally got cased.  can't wait to hand in this bad boy tomorrow(only to write up another).   after spending basically all day monday in the library working on that one particular assignment I was braindead by the end of the day.  the perfect solution- one of dave farmar's power yoga podcast episodes.  the particular episode was 08/08/10 which I download for free on itunes.  it was the best ever! especially awesome because there was live guitar and I love having a little music while i'm practicing.  in addition, i took an extra long savasana at the end which I felt was well deserved after a hectic day :) 

**picture from dave farmar website


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