Monday, January 31, 2011

a scarf's story

my outfit: tee- american apparel,
jean jacket- h&m, scarf- kiliwatch

all my scarves have a different story.  some i love because of their design, some keep my warm on -50 winter days, and some are so versatile i wear them every week.  this one in particular reminds me of how i spent the best month of my entire life, in one of my favorite cities in the whole world, paris.

last june, i moved to paris for 6 weeks to attend school at the paris fashion institute.  travelling accross the world, by myself, was the most life-changing experience i have ever been through.  i met so many amazing friends, learned so much and got to experience it all -in one of the most amazing cities in the world.

so back to the scarf's story, one hot hot day myself and 5 other girls were trying to complete our weekly shopping assignments.  every week we were given a list stores that we had to locate, go into, and then write up a paragraph on regarding the interior, salespeople, merchandising, product etc.  sounds fun & easy?  not so much, when you have 30 to do in one +30 degree day.  kiliwatch was the last store on our list, and i could not wait to arrive, walk around for about 2 minutes, find a starbucks and hop on the metro home.  well when i arrived at kiliwatch i was pleasently surprised.

for those who don't know what kiliwatch is, it is a large vintage clothing store, that is arguably known as one of the best in the world.  and there is only one location: paris.

this store is nothing short of amazing.  hands down, the most organized vintage clothing store i have ever been in,  with the most amazing selection.  the biggest scarf collection, boots selection, party dresses from every decade to no end, hundreds of bags and thousands of clutches, watches made by anyone at i said nothing short of amazing.

although the 6 of us were exhausted (working 5am at a fashion show that morning), dehydrated, decaffeinated and probably next to starving we took a good look around and at all the store had to offer.  i didn't have the energy to think about shopping, let alone trying something on.  so in the end, this scarf was the only thing i bought in this store.  in some ways that kinda disappoints me, that i didn't take advantage of this place, but i feel like buying this scarf will not only remind me of this store and my amazing month in paris every time i wear it, but remind me that paris and kiliwatch will always be there and waiting for me when i return.


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