Monday, January 10, 2011

new year; new resolutions

over my long break from blogging, i have put some serious thought into my new year's resolutions.  i wanted to make some good resolutions this year that are not only going to make me a better person, but force me to try new things, get out of my comfort zone a little bit and of course pick resolutions that make me excited to actually do.  so, here are a few of my resolutions:

1.  shop smarter.  i openly and admittingly have a terrible shopping problem.  i spend money on clothes, shoes and accessories like the world is ending tomorrow.  the worst part is that since most of my purchases are done on a whim, i only end up liking them for a short period of time, and realize way too soon that i really didn't need them and don't especially love them anymore.  my goal for the new year is too really think about every item before i buy it.  check out the quality, and make sure the item is going to last more then three wearings and washings.  and lastly,  ESPECIALLY decide if i REALLY need the item.

2. read more blogs.  there are SO many great blogs out there, and if you have the time to search, you can find some great blogs that you will love and look forward to reading everyday.  here are some i am recently hooked on: whitney port's blog.  this one is great and she touches on everything: fashion, beauty, travelling, cooking...and more. and she updates it several times a day.  simple lovely blog.  this one is written by a trendy mom, who not only touches on her adorable little girl, but gives great fashion and lifestyle articles too.  and lastly, adventure in fashion.  this blog is 100% based on fashion, and this girl has got some amazing style.  she is big into vintage, with a very cutesy flare, and is amazing at putting together some great outfits!

3. convince my parents that if i got a tattoo, the chances of me ending up in jail for murder are still the same without a tattoo.  my parents are the epiphany of traditional/stuck in the moment/non considerate grown-ups.  my parents actually believe that if i was to get a tattoo i would be a coke-head by the end of the week, gang affiliate by the end of the month, and mass murderer within 6 months.  i have tried for forever to convince them otherwise, but they are too stuck in their ways.  my goal this year is to somehow convince them otherwise, and have a tattoo while living in their house, which i have been told since day one WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.

wish me luck, especially on the last one :)


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