Saturday, February 11, 2012

reflections from the week.

I have had this post half written for the past couple days and now I'm FINALLY getting around to publishing it.  this week was CRAZY but came along with so many wonderful things...

*I volunteered to sit on the organizing committee for amnesty international yoga day in april. woop! check out my experience last year here
*homemade potato leek soup from my mom- everything tastes better when she makes it.  it's the little things :)
*a creative evening of painting with the fam.  so nice to forget about school and enjoy some time exercising the right half of my brain at a local art studio.  can't wait to see my canvas after it has been stretched.
*on the line- check out the trailer for this documentary here.  something I think all residents of BC should watch.  It is screening on campus this week.
*this playlist. thanks jess

so I'm going to celebrate the weekend with: tamale pie (great vegetarian/gluten free recipe!), a sunday fun-day with D(or at least a half day, other half will be sadly dedicated to homework), sleeping in, a nice long run, and wishing my lovely court a happy birthday!

have a great weekend everyone!

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