Sunday, February 5, 2012

weekend eats.

this weekend was BUSY. so busy. between homework, work, yoga, a beach clean-up, and visiting with friends I didn't have much free time.  but I did enjoy some good eats...

I made these blondies for a work get together saturday night.  I substituted the m&m's for reese's pieces for a little peanut butter flavour and they were delicious.  find the recipe here

sugar-y deliciousness!

on the slightly more healthy side of things I found this awesome recipe for roasted chickpeas.  this was SO simple and relatively cheap. double bonus.  I decided to make lettuce wraps instead of the tacos like the recipe suggested.  all the flavours went together so nicely.  you can definitely top the roasted chickpeas with any regular tacos fillings.  I put cucumber, red onion, a little cheddar, hot sauce, sour cream and fresh lime in the mix!  enjoy!

chili and lime are my best friends!

hope everyone had a restful weekend!

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