Thursday, February 16, 2012

thursday thought.

this quote holds a lot higher significance for me after last night.  I attended a lecture by one of our biology faculty members called leukemia: the science and soul of the disease.   that faculty member was david g-g

during my first year of school at VIU, david g-g was supposed to be my professor.  after a week of a sub in first year biology we heard he just wasn't coming back at all.  now, I know all the details of why I never met him in that first year of school.  he went through an enormous struggle with a really rare form of leukemia- only 100 reported cases ever in the world.  the things he went through absolutely blew my mind, and it is safe to say one of the most courageous stories I think I have ever heard.  anyways.. he used this quote in his presentation along with a video made by his wife of on-going battle with this rare blood disease.  he continues to teach at our school, while going to vancouver every 2 weeks to get treatment for fighting infection that has come as a result of his stem cell transplant. the stem cell transplant which ultimately saved his life and came from a complete stranger.  talk about awesome.  he spreads so much passion, positivity and inspiration around our department.  such an amazing story- his wife has made a blog which you can check out.. dog named leuk.   now, excuse me while I go put myself on the transplant list for stem cells at

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  1. that's so amazing. i have so much respect for people who go through anyhting like that, cause i know i could never. and good job on putting yourself on the transplant list :)