Wednesday, December 8, 2010

when you can't find the perfect newyears dress...

being an intern has it’s ups & downs, the biggest downer, hands down, is no income.  while i have done pretty good until now, controlling my spending and tring to stretch out my savings account as much as possible, the time has come to take drastic measures.  while I feel rent and groceries cannot be compromised, new years outfits can(…i guess…).  and while it’s probably possible to find a decent priced dress from f21 or h&m, i’m bored by the same tacky satin, empire waisted, and too short hemlined dress that makes you blend in with everyone else.  i have decided to take it upon myself this year to make the ultimate and perfect new years dress.

these are sketches of the dress i’m going to make myself.  simple, feminine and very YSL inspired.  made from black velvet, the dress will be comfortably fitted with a narrow pencil-like bottom, hemmed just above the knee.  the neckline is an exteremely deep sweetheart, with a gold emroided embellishment.
while I have never made a garment from start to finish, I have been there to witness the process.  i have 4 good friends, who hold fashion design degrees and though none of them live close, I am definitely planning on making good use of their expertise.  oh and I can’t forget about my sewing machine, 90years old; passed down from my great grandma.


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