Monday, April 9, 2012


this past weekend was filled with the perfect things- sunshine, good food, long walks, endless time with friends and family, chocolate, yoga, two movie nights on the couch, bike rides, nature, bellinis and lots of laughs.. all which went undocumented.  sometimes you just have to live in the moment

this week holds some serious challenges.  long days of studying and late nights working.  also starting an elimination diet- more on that soon.

good thing I'm armed with this playlist and these cherry date-nut balls.  this is gonna be interesting people.  weeks without chocolate might cause a little crazy-ness up in here. wish me luck...


  1. What a lovely looking spot! M

  2. Good luck with the week's challenges. Know you'll do well, as you do with all things. Yoga will help keep the inner "zen" going. And looking at the light at the end of the tunnel should help guide you through it. Thinking about you...xoxo L