Friday, April 27, 2012

elimination diet attempt.

recently I was working with a naturopath to try and figure out what it is that I have sensitivities too and therefore a frequent upset stomach.  she told me to give an elimination diet a try.. basically you cut out almost everything and then bring back each food one at a time.  during my time on the diet this is what I was eating... for for the iphone quality.

a lot of guacamole and brown rice cakes...

 salads with guacamole, wild salmon, chickpeas and veggies..

avocado pesto pasta...

and lots of oatmeal, veggies and hummus, fruit with almond butter and smoothies.

my favourite smoothie that I turned into a daily meal was
*handful of spinach
*berries- most often blueberries/blackberries
*almond milk
*ground flax
*ground oats

after I was able to eat bananas again(had to cut them out for diet) I would make the exact same smoothie with a frozen banana and it was even better.  smoothies are becoming a staple in this house- so quick and easy.

I learned a lot from doing the diet and unfortunately(or fortunately maybe..) I had to make adjustments because I am going to be at sea starting next week where I can't really continue with it.  for now I am off wheat/gluten because that seems to really help.  I am eating more whole foods and really trying to cut down on the sugar and I am finding myself feeling a lot better.

wishing you all a happy friday!! I'm off for a busy weekend of yogathoning and running my first 10k- exciting!!

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