Sunday, August 28, 2011

last weekend in bamfield.

this next week is going to be full of running stats, writing our final paper and putting together a presentation on our research.  that being said, I probably will not have any free time to blog.  BUT in a few short days I will be home and have lots to share with you! since these past couple days at school have been designated for finishing up other projects and to get going on our final research project, I had a bit of spare time to enjoy my surroundings.
rowing over to the west side for an afternoon with the ladies.

last early morning field collection! sippin' my hot chocolate

foggy morning- great for a nice run!

I had the chance to run 3 times this past week, which was amazing and I have been doing at least 30 minutes of yoga each day- usually by mid afternoon my brain and body need a serious break so yoga helps tremendously.  I'm also looking forward to today for one really awesome reason- later this afternoon I get to... BAKE!!!! my TA is allowing us to use her kitchen to whip up some cupcakes today and I am so looking forward to it! it will be a nice break from working on our research in the lab.  also, there is a pottery sale by one of the local artists that I hope to swing by and check out.  all in all, should be wonderful.  I can't believe how fast these past 5 weeks have flown by but I am definitely ready to come home.

several things I am looking forward to at home include:
*being at my own home, with my own kitchen, my OWN bedroom(not sleeping in a bunkbed), with my main squeeze
*seeing all my amazing friends and family who I have missed so incredibly much.
*baking, baking, baking
*thai food at kasira!!
*being back at the yoga studio
*strolling in all my favourite parks
*civilization!! I have been in my own little world out here- it will be nice to get back to a little bit of civilization

happy sunday everyone.

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  1. Love you my sweet girl - see you Fri or Sat.