Friday, June 8, 2012

the little things..

*making a new recipe- this week I made these spicy bean and rice burritos.  used a flour tortilla for d and corn tortillas for me.  added a little extra chipotle and they had a nice kick.  a hit in our house :)

*new blog I discovered and love.

*a visit to qualicum cheeseworks.  cross that one off the 12 in 2012

they must really like each other :)

*this quote.

*precious time with friends.

brookers enjoying the sunshine.

it really is the little things this week.  being my last week off before I start full-time work for the rest of the summer, I really tried to enjoy it.  I can say I'm happiest when surrounded by my closest family and friends- they make a world of difference to me.  I can't wait for all the fun summer adventures I have planned with them.  happy weekend my friends! see you periodically over the next couple weeks as I will be at sea checking up on the shrimp in georgia strait.  yay for sailing.


  1. Good blog'n sweetie.

  2. Love it!! :D I look like a bit of a goober but still love it :)