Saturday, March 3, 2012

the little things.

these cookies


this face...

enchiladas- the best of the best comfort food.  our favourite go-to meal.

and an entire sunday spent with these girls. (more than a little thing)

this week was definitely an exhausting one.  it seemed to go on forever and it didn't leave me feeling very energized for my weekend.  thursdays power yoga class was my first all week and provided me with a little positive zip to continue on through the rest of my week.  today I'm attending a moksha yoga class to live music led by the co-founder of moksha yoga in order to raise cashola for the emergency room at our local hospital.  great cause and I can't wait to participate.  tomorrow I have a long run on my agenda and I can't wait to get back on my bike next week.  all good things!

I hope to cook some delicious food this weekend and next week since I have been spending my days in the library lately. stay tuned for some new recipe ideas!

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